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Relics' Visit
Therese's Last Visit in Nazareth

On Monday, May 23, we received a phone call.  Surprise:  St. Therese's relics would arrive at our Monastery about noon the next day.  Joy!  But the joy was slightly overshadowed because the May 24th planned visit to Gaza was cancelled.  Not because of a prohibition but out of caution.  The political context of the Middle East explains this decision.  Fr. Abdo, OCD, did not want to place the reliquary in any risk.
At 12:10 p.m. on Tuesday, May 24, we received the relics at our Monastery, along with a group of the faithful which had come to unite with us in this reception.

This time the reliquary was situated in the sanctuary in front of  the altar   In this manner, we could see it quite well from our choir.  We remembered and prayed for our brothers and sisters of Holy Family parish in Gaza, that through the intercession of St. Therese the Lord would grant them comfort, hope and peace.
Of course we didn't have time to send invitations but the famous "Arab telephone" (transmission by word of mouth from person to person), once again  worked very well!  Many people came to venerate the relics and to put their trust in Therese.
As on the night of April 18th to the19th,  the doors of our chapel remained open all night.  Fr. Jacques Karam, OFM came once again to animate the vigil with his group.  We united with this prayer from our choir.  In the chapel, the faithful came and went with fervor, respect and discretion.  As is her custom, Therese did her "work":  conversions  and many went to confession throughout the night.   Fr. François-Marie Shamieh, OFM was in the confessional.
It was 9:45 a.m. on Wednesday, May 25th that we said our last goodbyes to the relics, which were then taken to the house of our neighbors, the Sisters of Charity at the Hospital Frances.  It is without a doubt that Saint Therese also worked wonders among the sick who were there!  Later, the relics left for Jerusalem.

By Carmelites Nuns Monastery of Nazareth

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