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Relics' Visit
Saint Therese in the area of Ramallah

Saint Therese's relics continued to visit the Christian parishes of Palestine.  In these last days, the relics have been received by the faithful who live in the region of Ramallah: in the Greek-Melkite parishes of Ramallah, Ain Arik and Taybeh.  As in all the areas that have been visited, the little Saint was received with great affection and devotion.  The people lined up in a great procession to be able to kiss the relics in the churches where they were displayed.  In the following photographs, we can see how the children, young people, Scouts and other religious groups opened their hearts to the joy of receiving the gifts of peace and a spiritual love for the little Carmelite of Lisieux.

Andrea Bergamini
Source:  Latin Patriarchate

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