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Relics' Visit
Vocations Day in Beit Jala

The relics of St. Therese visited the Latin Partriarchate Seminary during the "Day for Vocations" on Friday, May 13th. St. Therese came accompanied by many in procession and welcomed by the seminarians and Bishop Giacinto-Buolos Marcuzzo, Auxiliary Bishop for Israel. Fr Louis Hazboun, seminary Vocations Director delivered the words of welcome.
May 15th was World Day for vocations. It was an early celebration in the seminary because of the presence of the relics of St. Therese.  A mini concert dedicated to St. Therese under the direction of Fr. Baader Farah was one of the many activities organized for the occasion.  The proclamation of the Gospel was made by Fr. Ibrahim Shomali. Some of those present were called upon to share vocation stories and experiences - Fr Jonnhy Abu Khalil, a deacon and a Sister of the Rosary.
A penitential rite followed, led by Fr. George Ayoub, a young priest serving in Jordan. After the Eucharistic adoration, a theatrical performance was held on the theme of finding a vocation by the seminarians currently studying philosophy and theology.
In the evening, the relics of St. Therese of Lisieux, patron of the seminary in Beit Jala since 1929, remained in the seminary and venerated until the next morning when the relics were transferred to the parish of Beit Sahour.

Marie Malzac

Source Latin Patriarchate


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