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Among the Carmelites of Mount Carmel

"To hope for all"  
“I shall not die—I do, but enter into Life . . .”

Therese arrived at our Monastery in the silence of Holy Saturday.
She, who made her life a "little way" of trust and love, united with our prayer of “remaining in hope" and in the preparation of our hearts to sing Alleluia.
We welcomed her singing with the joy of one waiting for a sister, a loved one or a member of their family.
We had prepared the antechoir, thinking we would have an intimate time with her, to be able to speak with her heart to heart, to thank her for her visit and her shining example, to present her the prayer intentions of so many people and above all to entrust our Monastery's mission to her:  "the union of hearts".
However, Therese’s expansive heart had her own program.  At 6 a.m. on Easter Sunday, someone rang the Monastery's doorbell.  We asked ourselves: who could this be at such an early hour?  It was a German family with 3 small children, still half asleep, who had come to say goodbye to the Little Flower before returning home to their own country.
During the course of the day on Sunday, it was very moving to see how so many people had come to pray in the presence of Therese's relics, to entrust their prayer intentions to her and to "catch" some of her "crazy love" for Jesus.
Therese's time spent  in visiting our Monastery was received in  gratitude,  infinite joy and the simplicity of having her among us, as she came to unite with us in the daily rhythm our lives, in our personal and communal prayer and to share with us our time of recreation which she used to enjoy so much.   Following Therese's good example, our Sisters in the Novitiate prepared a play, inspired by her "Recreations" which the community greatly enjoyed.
We are grateful to the Lord for manifesting His living and loving Presence among us through Saint Therese and we joyfully await her return on May 14.

From Carmelites of Mount Carmel

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